We are an eclective group of people out to enjoy ourselves safely but with lots of challenges available

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Regular, adhoc and competitive events mean we are very active every week of the year.

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Hat of Fairness

We are a fully inclusive club and are unique in operating the 'hat of fairness' for crew selection.

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Italy Expedition 2016

Whilst we never came back with any trophies (unless you count the photographs of Chicken posing with them!), SARC did themselves proud at the European Fixed Seat Rowing Championships held at Lake Maggiore in Italy. Friday training started in some confusion with our crews initially using the wrong type of boat (there were two types […]

FU Delivers our New Trailer

He spent the day traveling to and from St Clears Pembrokeshire to get our latest bit of kit as shown below. Thank you Fu for volunteering to do this, the whole club is grateful to you. Now all we need is to get those boats to the GRR and put in some magnificent rows!!

Celtic 2016 – Tracking Link

For those of you who want to follow our intrepid crossing of the Irish sea you can do so using the following link Yellow Brick Tracking – Celtic 2016 Pass this on to all family and friends who may be interested in seeing how we are getting on in the race. Updates are every 15 […]

Shropshire Star Time Trial Write Up

Following the brilliant success of the time trial event, our local newspaper The Shropshire Star had a very good article about the event and the club itself. The featured crew in Ginger was, Quentin (cox), Martin B, Tim D, Jonny G and Leah and they are all showing in good synchronisation so well done to […]

Montford Challenge – Crew Draw

The draw took place on Sunday using the Chinese version of the hat of fairness (A Chinese Teapot) by Justin’s daughter Lulu for SARC’s entries into the race. Entrants were taken from the first 20 people who put their name down to row, anyone else did not make the draw unfortunately but we will be […]

Revamped Slipway Completed

Thanks to some fantastic efforts from Dave Kletzein and Dave Ward, who have between them planned the changes, begged for and bought all the materials and also borrowed the equipment needed we now have a much improved slipway into the river. Whilst there will still be some work to finish this off (and volunteers WILL […]

Mammoth Christmas Row

Saturday the 12th December proved to be challenging conditions for our 2015 Christmas row. A very fast river flow and at times extremely strong winds made it difficult for all of the crews on the upstream leg to Montford Bridge. One of the crews did a magnificent time of around 3 1/2 hours for the […]

Celtic 2016 – Team Draw

The crew draw for the Celtic Challenge took place on Saturday after the Christmas row. The crews are as follows:

Guide to rowing technique

Bosun Justin found some really useful information about the perfect rowing technique we should all be able to master. So you can enjoy reading this, we have changed the top menu of the website so that we have a new option of ‘Useful Information’ replacing the ‘Safety’ one that was there before. The safety option […]

SARC Rowing Event – Montford Br...

We plan to host our first race event early next year. This will be SARC’s first attempt at hosting a race event and will be open to Welsh Sea Rowing Association clubs, and possibly further afield. As the race will be held 7 weeks before the 2016 edition of the Celtic Challenge we hope to […]

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