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    1. 16th May 2021    

      Not sure yet if able to row at 3 but happy to make up the 7 pm boat numbers

    2. 14th May 2021    

      First boat going at 3pm for a Montford, second boat 7pm for a normal Tuesday (whatever that is)

    3. 8th May 2021    

      Hello! How does this work? I’ve also put my name down under the “recurring” events for a Sunday morning row as there are only 3 sign ups. Do we turn up usual time? Thank you 🙂 Wendy

    4. 19th April 2021    

      Has anyone booked the pub yet?

    5. 6th February 2020    

      The SARC Ball – this Saturday
      The Morris Hall, Bellstone, Shrewsbury SY1 1JB (near the Loopy Shrew).
      6.30pm on 8 February 2020
      Hello all,
      Thank you all for the great support you have all shown for our first annual dinner.
      Only a couple of days now until our Big Night Out – so a few details to help you prepare.
      The schedule for the night is..

      6.30pm – drinks and canapes
      7.30pm – dinner
      9.00pm – dancing to The Ronaldos
      Midnight – carriages or Albert’s Shed

      Bar – The South Shropshire Rowers will be showcasing a new bar as Richard Charmley aka FU’s Bar is sadly winding down – the bar will feature cask ales such as Shropshire Gold with a draw ticket costing £3 that includes a pint and a chance to win an amazing prize. Other drinks including red and white wine and mixers will be available for a donation but please feel free to have a clear out at home and bring some interesting drinks for your own consumption and to go into our special SARC punch that will be formulated on the night !.

      Dress code – Black Tie or any other comfortable kit.
      We are looking forward to seeing you all for a great night.
      Jo, Bruce, Geoff and Matt

    6. 12th December 2019    

      Plus my mate

    7. 28th August 2019    

      Can someone take my place for tomorrow

    8. 22nd July 2019    

      It is with much regret that Maureen and I have to remove ourselves from this year’s Great River Race. Unfortunately a family member has been scheduled for surgery over that period. I hope that after the success of last years GRR, there will be no problems in obtaining a replacement rower and passenger.

      Best Regards

      Ian & Maureen Davies

    9. 6th June 2019    

      Sorry, work commitment, can’t make tonight, 06/06/2019

    10. 30th May 2019    

      Thanks to everybody who help organise this event. All I did was turn up and enjoy the occasion. And row. But the whole time was ace. Thanks everyone. Sarc. What a team

    11. 30th May 2019    

      Great review Captain Shep . We should all thank the Captains and organizers for a job well done . I think it really helped that we had practiced on the sea before the Celtic for the first time. Great effort by everyone involved . Motty

    12. 29th May 2019    

      A fantastic review of the Celtic Challenge 2019 Stuart – thanks to everyone who helped with preparation and logistics and also all those who took part – it was a lot of fun and both teams were well matched. The conditions will be very hard to beat for 2021.

      My only comment for an area of improvement would be the singing – we were eventually out sung by the Welsh Rowers even though Chicken scoured his musical brain to songs that more than 1 person knew the words for ! Bruce

    13. 17th May 2019    


    14. 14th May 2019    

      2 places Gary & Stuart Richards

    15. 2nd May 2019    

      The boats are at the scout hut, the hotel is expecting you all, we are in The Bridge, unable to book the Thai restaurant, no reply yet. See you all soon.


    16. 28th February 2019    

      I shall not row tonight. Tryed to cancel couldn’t

    17. 19th February 2019    

      Nick dropped out we down to 9

    18. 2nd February 2019    

      I shal not row Sunday 3 feb tried to cancel can’t

    19. Richard Jones's Gravatar Richard Jones
      6th December 2018    

      My wife ( who is a nurse) has now been tasked to work this Saturday so I have all three kids
      Sadly need to drop out of Christmas row

    20. Richard Jones's Gravatar Richard Jones
      14th October 2018    

      Chaps I will only Row at the Christmas Row and not attend the social as I have our Mess party that night

    21. 22nd August 2018    

      Please can we add 1 extra for Thursday 23rd for Ian mottershed boat

    22. 18th August 2018    

      When’s the HOF draw?

    23. 30th July 2018    

      Well organised and implemented Dave – the slipway is amazing and the boat shed looks cavernous.

    24. 28th July 2018    

      I’m happy to be a reserve if needed

    25. Catherine Shaw's Gravatar Catherine Shaw
      16th July 2018    

      Happy to be a passenger

    26. 15th July 2018    

      My good lady, Maureen has cleared the decks, (work) and I can now confirm she is available as a passenger. DOB 08/07/1964.

    27. 15th July 2018    

      My good lady, Maureen is happy to be a passenger. She just has to clear the Friday off work and I will book her on tomorrow.

      Ian Davies

    28. Nick Furnival's Gravatar Nick Furnival
      22nd November 2017    

      Too late if anyone drops out I am in

    29. 21st August 2017    

      I would like to attend the coaching session.
      Roy Dixon

    30. 30th May 2017    

      Last one

    31. 30th May 2017    

      Like to go where I haven’t been before

    32. Dianne Carrington's Gravatar Dianne Carrington
      27th March 2017    

      Kelda and I are joining you for the day, we plan to travel there and back the same day. If anyone would like to share a lift please let us know. It makes sense to fill a vehicle. Thanks. Di and Kelda.

    33. 27th February 2017    

      Not sure on timings for the debrief – I shall be going anyway and would be happy to take a boat and 5 people and combine some sea rowing. We could take more boats depending on demand.

    34. 16th January 2017    

      I’ll need some notice, but am willing and available to row, should I be needed…

    35. 28th December 2016    

      Happy to row …

    36. 8th December 2016    

      Juliet and the kids are coming!

    37. 10th November 2016    

      i can only row up as well have to come back by car

    38. 8th September 2016    

      I can do crew support if you need me

    39. 8th September 2016    

      I am in but name not come up !

    40. 7th September 2016    

      I’m ordering some SARC branded long rowing socks for a bit of fun for general club use. I need to order 25 pairs at a cost of around £9 including set up costs. Let me know if you fancy some. Bruce

    41. Catherine Holbrook's Gravatar Catherine Holbrook
      31st August 2016    

      Who has a spare seat in their car there and back? Unsure how I’ll do it!


    42. Catherine Holbrook's Gravatar Catherine Holbrook
      3rd August 2016    

      Just wondering how we can book in friends and family to stay? I have a friend who would like to camp and support!


    43. Julie Williams's Gravatar Julie Williams
      13th July 2016    

      Hi Stuart, that sounds good to me.

      Regards, Julie W

    44. Dianne Carrington's Gravatar Dianne Carrington
      28th June 2016    

      Hi, I’m looking forward to joining you all (replacing someone that dropped out). I’d love to travel there with you and enjoy getting to know you all. Looking forward to it…my first event! 😊 Di.

    45. Dianne Carrington's Gravatar Dianne Carrington
      25th June 2016    

      Trying to book as a reserve… But system isn’t letting me! Hope I can joking you if the numbers work out

    46. Dianne Carrington's Gravatar Dianne Carrington
      16th June 2016    

      Hi Stuart, I’m interested but not sure if I have enough experience yet….only three rows on my log! I also have a commitment the next day so would need to be home that evening, which is a shame as I guess there is a social evening? It would also be a fab chance to ‘eye’ the opposition – I might find a team member!! I’ll keep an eye on this site…. DI

    47. Helen Burton's Gravatar Helen Burton
      10th May 2016    

      Is this where I can book on for tonight?? 10.05?

      • 15th November 2016    

        Helen do you mean tonight I have just dropped out they are one short call me 07966261408 and I can book you on

    48. 21st February 2016    

      I’m in for leah if possible. For Some reason can’t book

    49. 19th February 2016    

      Bishop ??

    50. Victoria Drakeford's Gravatar Victoria Drakeford
      3rd January 2016    

      I don’t mind where I’m needed. Happy to assist or row.

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