Celtic Challenge 2017

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Date(s) - 28/04/2017 - 01/05/2017
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The Celtic Challenge has now been announced to run in 2017 due to the cancellation of the 2016 event.

We all know this challenge well. An arduous race from Arklow to Aberystwyth covering 96 miles of the Irish sea.

It takes courage to do the race, lots of training and being part of a team of 12 rowers who work together to complete the journey in the fastest time possible. It is not for the faint hearted and if you enter, you must be committed to it from the start.

If you drop out and there are no reserves, you will still be liable for the full entry fee of £500 unless you find an acceptable replacement.

Having said how tough it is, if you do enter and complete the race, it is something you will remember for a long time to come as one of the best activities you could have taken part it.

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People Attending

 Full NameTicketSpacesComments
********* Rower 1
********* Rower 1
********* Rower 1 Excited already !
********* Rower 1 Great news it's back on
********* Rower 1 Very excited!!
********* Rower 1
********* Rower 1 Hell Yes
********* Rower 1
********* Rower 1
********* Crew Support 1 I can do crew support if you need me
********* Rower 1 Gimme-Gimme
********* Rower 1 Oh why oh why?
********* Rower 1
********* Rower 1
********* Rower 1
********* Rower 1
********* Rower 1
********* Rower 1 I'm in
********* Rower 1
********* Rower 1 Happy to row ...
********* Rower 1
********* Crew Support 1 Support crew
********* Rower 1
********* Rower Reserve List 1 Could I book the spare place that's come up? Thanks, Kelda
Total Attendees so far24

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  1. 16th January 2017    

    I’ll need some notice, but am willing and available to row, should I be needed…

  2. 28th December 2016    

    Happy to row …

  3. 8th September 2016    

    I can do crew support if you need me

  4. 8th September 2016    

    I am in but name not come up !

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