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Kelda Fundraising

We have all just witnessed something quite extraordinary.
Kelda has redefined the boundaries of bravery, commitment, resilience, strength and passion – and selflessly only wishes the benefits to be enjoyed by Climbing Out and the numerous young lives which the charity so benefits. We were the ‘lucky’ fellas that first went to sea with Kelda in Storm Petrel and I thought on that day as we hit a sand bar off Porthmadog that this Atlantic thing was never going to happen – thankfully we kept our thoughts to ourselves.
The awareness levels of the great work performed by Climbing Out have clearly been elevated to a whole new dimension. However, some (hopefully all) of us feel, despite great generosity from many quarters, that the £35K raised to date is not at all commensurate with the magnitude of Kelda’s achievement. We would like to take the opportunity to make a difference to this total during Kelda’s planned get-together on 5th April.
We have pleaded with a reluctant Kelda to grant us 1 hour (tops) during the evening to get some Dollar rolling. Bit of a promise auction, bit of a game and hopefully an opportunity for all of us to make a wee bit more of a difference. As sneak preview, I can reveal that there is already a promise for dinner for 10 at one of Shrewsbury’s most elegant Georgian houses, prepared by Kelda and another Atlantic veteran with all the quality wine one can drink – what better way is there to learn than first-hand from those blessed with such remarkable spirit?
If you do have anything to donate to the promise auction, or any other pledge from others, then please feel free to make contact with those listed below. We will be generating a small catalogue of promises in due course.
We hope you are all supportive of such an initiative and look forward to seeing you all on the night.
Yours sincerely,
Team Kelda (SARC, Bishopers, many others…….)

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