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Montford Challenge – Crew Draw

The draw took place on Sunday using the Chinese version of the hat of fairness (A Chinese Teapot) by Justin’s daughter Lulu for SARC’s entries into the race.

Entrants were taken from the first 20 people who put their name down to row, anyone else did not make the draw unfortunately but we will be hoping that you chip in as reserves but also as volunteers for the day itself.

Teams as follows (Lulu kindly put in the Chinese writing of each name as well but I will have to leave that part out):


  • Nick Furnival
  • Joanna Reeves
  • Stuart Shepherd
  • Ian Mottershaw
  • Jason Powell


  • Richard Charmley (FU)
  • Paul King
  • Andy Griffiths
  • Matt Fallon
  • David Kletzein


  • Leah Wood
  • Tim Downes
  • Martin Berry
  • Jonathan Gould
  • Quentin Shaw


  • Simon Furnival
  • Bev Scragg
  • Andy Swain
  • Stuart Manley
  • Victoria Drakeford

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